Memories of a Virtual Voyager

Our virtual voyager became 100% Entrepreneur. It was a difficult year ... but with many teachings!
Review and study the AuroraTech Growth Strategies.
2017 began for my son, his mother and me, living in the apartment that has been our home since before I had the stroke. During this year, my son's mom and I healed many wounds that were open because of our separation and divorce. And although there has not yet been a reconciliation as a couple, she gave me her friendship and financial support in this hard stage of becoming an Entrepreneur. She gave me wise advice: What tormented her for 13 years of marriage that we had was feeling that I did not give her the place of a wife because I was aware of the needs of other households. According to her, that is worse than if I had had a lover. I must learn not to intervene in the difficult situations that my loved ones must spend. I can encourage them and give them words of encouragement, but never take the position of provider in their lives. The only true provider is God.

I do not know if the will of God is that she and I are happy together, or with other people, or alone. What I do know is that if we remain holding hands with God, everything will be fine.

Many times in life we ??are in front of crossroads, in front of the sea, and behind the Egyptian army. We must move forward, with confidence in God (Exodus 14). 1 Corinthians 10:13 God gives the exit along with the test. God showed me the light at the end of the tunnel of tests that I have been going through. The seminars on Automatic Process Control and ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION are part of the answer.
Now I understand that Romans 8:28 applies very well in my case. The good things and also the bad things act for good: If I had not been in such a pressing need, if I had not closed the doors even of close friends, if the sale of the apartments had not been extended, if not they were pursuing the millionaire debts with banks and other people, maybe I would not have made an effort like I did to get ahead with AuroraTech, doing Marketing of our portfolio, making partners in different parts of the world.

I am learning that being in trials does not necessarily mean that you are doing something against the will of God. The tests come to strengthen our character and our faith. But we must focus on doing the will of God, we should not focus on the test. The way to verify that you are doing things according to God's will is to evaluate if you follow that purpose that God has given you in life.

Do not feel bad about going through tests. I know that it is not easy to be happy with life if there is no bread to bring to your son's table. But you have to do things God's way. He has promised to reward our efforts (Galatians 6: 9), and while it is true that many good children of God did the will of the Father, but did not receive that much desired in this life (Hebrews 11), it is also true that the trials They strengthen us and forge our character. If everything were simple, what would be the value of being winners after passing the tests?

Tests are always going to be, as an employee or as an Entrepreneur. The difference is that being Entrepreneurs we are more empowered of each situation that is presented to us. And we are building our dreams. Not only looking for short-term results, but building in the medium and long term. We must be Strategic Entrepreneurs and not Opportunity Seekers.

"In this way Israel was greatly impoverished because of Midian. And the children of Israel cried out to God. " Judges 6: 6 I have always thought that every situation has a cause, that every action has consequences. However God shows me that all my actions do not serve to achieve the desires of my heart. Everything I can do will not guarantee the results I want for my life and the lives of others. Risk and uncertainty are the daily bread of an Entrepreneur. And in those moments of great uncertainty we must cry out to God, seeking His direction, His guidance. Invoking His Grace and His Mercy.

Today we CAN GENERATE MONEY INCOME AT WILL. What is needed is to have an Entrepreneur's heart and use the tools we have at our disposal.
I am learning that nowadays, thanks to the internet and social media, it is easier than ever to do Marketing and sell a product of your own or a third party

The world has changed. The new generations are different from the previous ones. Millennials are a different generation from the others. Success in life is no longer measured only by the amount of money you make. But because of the positive impact you achieve on others. For the PURPOSE.

That was one of the reasons that led me to resign and dedicate myself to AuroraTech. PURPOSE!!! AuroraTech has several PURPOSES:
Help build a better world using Entrepreneurship and the Word of God.
The world is not what we inherited from our parents ...
It's what we borrow from our children!
And it is our duty to leave you a better world than we received. To whom much has been given, much will be asked of him (Luke 12:48). And God has given us a lot.

Within our 2 tools we have to build a better world, Entrepreneurship and the Word of God, are our Programs to promote Technological Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship.


Now I realize the validity of Steve Jobs' advice: Stay hungry, stay foulish!

God showed me how to use the training, not only to transmit my knowledge but also to acquire more clients for AuroraTech, through the Seminars of Automatic Control of Processes and ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION that I started to teach in Colombia, and it is my dream in everywhere also. My first Seminar was held at the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga at the end of March. I talked about how to increase Process Safety, through technologies such as Alarm Management, Fault Detection and Diagnosis, and Fault Tolerant Control.

The ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION program trains engineers in Automation, Electronics, Chemicals, Mechanics and related areas in Alarm Management, Fault Detection and Diagnosis, Fault Tolerant Control, Operational Reliability and Cyber ??Security to serve later in the Industry as Technological Entrepreneurs proposing and executing projects for the implementation of these technologies and many other related ones. The first promotion of our Program was taught to students of the last semesters of Electronic Engineering of the Santo Tomas University of Bogotá and our students advanced their industrial internships in Guavio Hydroelectric, BioDiesel Plant and many other industrial companies.

Soon we will bring to light ASA Consortium, an initiative of AuroraTech that will bring together industrial companies with their needs, companies providing services with their proposals for services, and Technological Entrepreneurs with their skills, in an environment to solve problems and meet the needs of the Industry, initially in Colombia, and our vision is to expand this program throughout Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Definitely has great advantages to have as a sponsor to our Lord Jesus. I attended the III Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair of ACIPET that was held in Bogota JUST THE WEEK THAT WAS THERE. EVERY DAY IS SO. OPPORTUNITIES ARE PRESENTED FOR AURORATECH. THANK MY GOD

Nothing in life happens by chance, everything has a PURPOSE.

This is a photo with the first promotion of our ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION Program:

I attach my Digital Business Card. If there's anything I can help you with, let me know.

Psalm 27:14 says that our hope must be in the Lord. We must be brave.

If you want to progress economically you must necessarily become an Entrepreneur. It's the way you have to build assets. The employees do not know how to build assets, only debts. Employees depend on a fixed salary, which they normally spend entirely. Typically the biggest savings they make in their life is their own home, which many people do not really consider an investment.

Although we have gone through critical moments, I can say that God helps us and we are moving forward despite the difficulties. We must not fear (Isaiah 41:10).

The difficulties that I am going through have a purpose: To teach me that being an Entrepreneur is not easy, so that I can show it to others (2 Corinthians 1: 3-4), and even so, YOU HAVE TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR. Every part of me tells me that Entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of the solution to many of the problems we live in the 21st century world: Unemployment, poverty, lack of culture, lack of mentality to make this world better, etc.

We are definitely made children of God and co-heirs through Jesus (Galatians 4: 7). God is prospering my ways in a way that I never imagined.
In Latin America it is common for the greeting of working people to be: Good, fighting. We must overcome that supposed struggle we are in every day and give PURPOSE to our efforts. The highest PURPOSE to help others and ourselves.

I am understanding part of what Jesus came to this world to do: Free us from the bondage of sin. I want to have a woman by my side, however my ex-wife does not want to take that role again. I had thought about leaving my home again, looking for a woman that God would give me to fill those gaps. Then I thought about staying in my home until God put that woman, be it my ex-wife or another. But I am realizing that it is something that I should not worry about. God will make things happen in the best way. That is part of my prayer every day: That His will be done in our lives, and in the lives of all those who want to surrender to Him. It is not that Free-will ceases to exist, but it is asking for His help and His guide to keep us on the right path despite the complexity of situations and decisions we must make.

Start a new day today knowing that what remains of your life is the opportunity to write a new story. Remove from your head the pessimistic idea that nothing will ever be the same again. It does not need to be: what happened, happened. Dare to write a new story, always remembering that Christ, when we were still weak, died in time for the ungodly (Romans 5: 6).

In addition to our Program in Business Analytics, our first Technology Entrepreneurship Program is ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION, which seeks to increase Process Safety, Operational Reliability, and the economic benefits of the Process.

You must know the history so as not to repeat it ... BP Refinery. Texas, 2005. Share

I share my agenda at the end of April in Bogota:

Monday, April 24
Place: Santo Tomas University USTA Cra 9 N ° 51-11
3-5 pm Challenge Session with AuroraTech team on how to promote Technological and Digital Entrepreneurship (please read the attached GEM report with notes)
Place: Santo Tomas University USTA Cra 9 N ° 51-11

the report of Colombian Business Activity, of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor is attached:

Tuesday, April 25
8-9: 30 am AUDARA Demo
Place: Cra 15 106-32 Ofic 411
3-4 pm Meeting with Diana Olaya - Pacific Alliance
Place: Cra. 13 No. 73 - 34 OF. 601

Wednesday, April 26
Place: Santo Tomas University USTA Cra 9 N ° 51-11
10-12 Visit Industrial Plant BioD
Place: BioD Facatativa Plant
2-6 pm III Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair ACIPET
Place: Carrera 14 No. 97-63, Floor 5

Thursday, April 27
8-11 am Visit Industrial Mattresses El Dorado
Place: Av Cll 17 N ° 80 to 70
2-6 pm III Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair ACIPET
Place: Carrera 14 No. 97-63, Floor 5
6-8 pm Meeting Graduates Automation Engineering
Place: La Salle University, Chapinero. Cra 5 Street 60

Saturday, April 29
8-12 am Seminar on Automatic Process Control and ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION
Place: Classroom 103B Luis J. Torres Building. Santo Tomas University USTA Cra 9 N ° 51-11

I continued with the treatment to increase cerebral neuro plasticity, using an experimental drug, NeuroAID, that proved to be useful, but due to its high cost I had to suspend it.

People do not want to leave their comfort zone. As much as they are given new opportunities to get out of their precarious situation, they have a hard time understanding what Entrepreneurship consists of. Procrastinate They expand their decisions. They assign the guilt of their situation, or of not conquering their dreams, to others, but they do not assume the responsibility of building something better for their lives.

I learned during this trip that it is a good practice to share my schedule with the friends and people with whom I was going to meet at my destination, since we do not know what could result from this collaborative work: One of the first activities I had in my agenda It was a challenge session to define ways to promote Technological Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship. The meeting was finally attended by just one of the people who were cited. However, we were also accompanied by a great friend, who was not originally mentioned, but who contributed much more than I could have imagined.

The coincidences do not exist. Everything happens with a PURPOSE. I remember very well a very interesting event that happened to me during this trip to Bogota: I finished one of the meetings I had scheduled on my agenda, and went to a nearby shopping center to take advantage of the time while I had the next meeting. I decided to have a coffee, and a man appeared in the cafe looking for a chair available. I offered him one of the chairs at my table, since it was just me. Then two friends of his appeared, one of whom was there to deliver a lost wallet to his owner, which he had found by chance. We started a pleasant conversation on 4. The owner of the wallet, an owner of an Italian restaurant, appeared and we all greet him. I gave him my personal card and introduced myself, to which he replied that he was in need of a technology that one of our partners provides. This event ended up connecting one of my partners with the owner of the lost wallet. Every day, in all places, similar events occur, but we must have our senses attentive to perceive them.

In Matt.6.33 NVI - Search for God´s kingdom and His Justice - Bible Gateway

The reflections are on the air again. Joshua 5:12 we must be ready to write a new story with God.

UNAB postponed the start of the Diploma because the minimum number of students had not been reached. First, give your heart to Jesus; and then, trust him even if things do not go as you wish, because "we know that those who love God, all things help them well, that is, those who are called according to His PURPOSE" (Romans 8:28)

We promote Technological Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship. I was in Bogota again at the beginning of June to give some courses and seminars:

Saturday June 10 8-12 m
De La Salle University

Wednesday June 14 5 pm
AuroraTech brings Advanced Technologies to the Industry, SMBs and Entrepreneurs, and we promote Entrepreneurship through our two Programs: Technological Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship ( Our first version of Technological Entrepreneurship uses our ABNORMAL SITUATION AUTOMATION Program. Precisely the first promotion of said Program was delivered to the students of last semesters of Electronic Engineering of the Santo Tomas University, the 1st semester of 2017.

Our students advanced their Industrial Internship (fundamental within the development of the activities during the semester, and which I did face-to-face monitoring at the end of April) in several industrial companies: Guavio Hydroelectric Station (Mambita Station), BioDiesel Plant of BioD in Facatativa, Negenex , EmpoDuitama, etc. Precisely the works advanced in BioD by Laura, Sebastian and Miguel, with the support of the engineer Rafael Avellaneda of BioD were presented in Automatisa last June, the academic and industrial congress of the Colombia section of the International Society of Automation ISA ( This paper were approved for presentation at the Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control IFAC Africa Chapter that took place in Johannesburg (South Africa) at the beginning of December 2017 (

I also wanted to teach a course in Advanced Regulatory Control, which I finally did privately to a couple of friends:

Aimed at: Control, chemical, mechanical and electronic engineers in charge of the design, maintenance, configuration and operation of the control systems of industrial plants.

YOU SHOULD TAKE ACTION. Imperfect, but YOU SHOULD TAKE ACTION. I am learning that what stops our advancement as Entrepreneurs is that we delay in TAKING ACTION. To achieve our goals in life, to conquer success, to advance our goals, WE MUST TAKE ACTION. Imperfect, but YOU SHOULD TAKE ACTION. We can not stay frozen, because we do not move forward.

I created a group on LinkedIn Entrepreneurs AuroraTech. This group shares information on Entrepreneurship and Advanced Technologies in Automation, Control, Digital Marketing, etc. We promote the sustainable development and the care of the Environment

I have learned that the calls for Entrepreneurs made by INNpulsa, SENA, etc. are an excellent way to get in touch with Entrepreneurs and boost their work. The resources provided by these calls provide greater peace of mind to be able to carry out our work and seek the support of the government and other institutions to do so.

Tony Robbins: STAY HUNGRY (Tony Robbins Motivation) - YouTube
As time progresses, I prioritize a series of activities that lead me to achieve the goals set for AuroraTech. But that prioritization changes and is dynamic, as issues appear that previously did not have on the radar, and that complement the objectives set.

What do you need to start? - What do you need to become Entrepreneur? - via @Shareaholic

Send us your email to to send you an invitation to our new Mendeley group: Create groups of scientific research professionals to develop high-level research projects Social impact.

I designed marketing strategies for AuroraTech services, appealing to our compensation plan: 70% of profits for those who do the work, 25% of Leadership, management, administration and utilities for AuroraTech and 5% for marketing and sales channel that reaches the customer. I leveraged myself on people with more experience in commercial work to do this.

I designed a call to build our agenda of seminars, talks, courses and workshops 2018 throughout Latin America. I even included a course on how to use Digital Marketing to generate Residual income.

Do not dare to face the challenges that life presents to you, if you do not have the conviction that God is by your side. Deut 1:42 NIV- »But the Lord told me:" Tell them not to go up or fight, because I will not be with ... via @biblegateway

Why do we do our daily activities? Is it for the glory of God? to expand His word? to do His will? or do we do it for selfish and personal reasons?

I am learning that one-to-one communication is the best way to ensure that our message reaches our target audience. The infoxication and the great noise that social media have, masks us and does not let us reach our message to the people who need it.

It is more demanding mental effort, you must keep hundreds or even thousands of threads of conversation in your mind, but if you maintain discipline, you respect your time, and make use of the facilities that the technology gives you, it is well worth it, since It allows you to communicate more closely with your people.

For several months we live with the provision of the day, unable to store for the next day. I think it was a much lighter test than that of the people of Israel, who lasted 40 years in the desert eating mana and birds, learning to trust in the divine provision.

Something I have discovered is that we are usually too busy thinking about ourselves, how to supply our needs, and we forget how we can help others to conquer their dreams, contribute to the world!

I had an episode of what I believe are kidney stones. I do not know for sure what happened to me because I do not have a doctor at this time. I do not want to return to the company where I worked before for a medical issue. I confirm in my decision to continue as an Entrepreneur. I prayed to my Lord Jesus, why not allow us to be charged errors of the past, for which I have already paid my Lord Jesus. This I have done thinking about the terrible pain I felt that night, perhaps kidney stones, and that has helped me to ratify my decision to remain an Entrepreneur, even though I do not have medical insurance at this time.

The same applies to the mistakes that I reminded my son's mom. I asked her forgiveness for that, since I'm not anyone to do it. Our Lord Jesus already paid for those errors.

An AuroraTech customer decided to withdraw his service order with us because he needed more than what we offered him. The mistake has been mine, since I have confused two types of clients: The client who is not knowledgeable about Digital Marketing and needs help with his presence on the Internet. And the customer who knows Digital Marketing and wants more access to tools and platforms. I have been waiting to help him with his future needs and I have left to return him full money. The customer service is FUNDAMENTAL within all Entrepreneurship.
Boosting Economy (watch the video with subtitles in English)
Working collaboratively we have been able to advance in the Project Boosting Economy (belonging to the macro project Base of the Pyramid). And we participated in the First Regional Summit for Social Innovation, held in Bucaramanga. Boosting Economy went through a workshop to formulate social innovation projects, and we are looking for the resources to carry it out:


This project seeks to revitalize the Economy, connecting producers of the countryside and cities with distributors and consumers of agricultural products, manufactured products of all kinds, and services and needs of non-profit entities, creating an option for Social Entrepreneurship.
The fundamentals are found in the concept of the Base of the Pyramid, proposed by researchers such as C. Prahalad and Muhammad Yunus.
We seek to apply the experiences in India and Bangladesh on the opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid, such as the e-Choupal in India, which through communications and the internet in rural areas has demonstrated the great benefit for the less favored populations.

Connecting producers, consumers and distributors, of goods and services of all kinds, will boost the economy, not only in Colombia but throughout the world.
The objective is not only to seek fairer prices for all the protagonists, but also to create various forms of Social Entrepreneurship, by connecting non-profit organizations and their needs (nursing homes, children's homes, etc.) with Social Entrepreneurs help opportunities, will also be benefited by helping.
The use of technology makes the economy more dynamic by making available to all users the price information of products for sale and consumption, benefiting all players with better prices and geographic availability information.
The Base of the Pyramid is made up of the poor of the planet. According to World Bank statistics, more than 4 billion poor people are part of the Base of the Pyramid.

To stimulate the Economy by connecting the different protagonists of the exchange of products in the countryside and cities. The objective is not only to seek fairer prices for all the protagonists, but also to create various forms of Social Entrepreneurship, by connecting non-profit organizations and their needs (nursing homes, children's homes, etc.) with Social Entrepreneurs help opportunities, will also be benefited by helping.

The protagonists of this project are the following:

PRODUCER OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS: From now on we will call it Farmer.

DISTRIBUTOR OF AGRICULTURAL AND / OR MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS: They are the first intermediaries in the chain of sale and distribution that takes agricultural products from the countryside to the cities and the transporters of the manufactured products. They are primarily the transporters who negotiate with the Farmers the fruit of their crops, transporting them to the large collection centers in the cities. They are also the messengers responsible for bringing products manufactured from the distributor to the final consumer.

WHOLESALE-DEALER IN COLLECTION CENTERS IN THE CITIES: They are the big wholesalers who buy the shipments coming from the field and sell them in small quantities to distributors and consumers in the cities.

FINAL CONSUMER: It is the citizens who buy agricultural products and others for their personal or group consumption.

DISTRIBUTOR OF MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS: They are the citizens who distribute products manufactured by third parties and are used as a distribution channel for these products (eg supermarkets, stores, marketing networks, etc.).

NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: Organizations that provide services to vulnerable communities without financial gain (eg nursing homes, children's homes, etc.).

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS: Those who help meet their needs to non-profit organizations. In this project it is considered to distribute part of the benefits of the platform to the Social Entrepreneurs, to promote this scheme of aid to society. The objective is to teach Financial Education to all people. Social Entrepreneurs must teach the members of the non-profit organization, and based on the supports of said training, they can claim their reward, previous registration as users in the Platform.

SME: Small and medium-sized company that sells products and / or services and wants to advertise using the IT platform of this project.


ADMINISTRATORS OF THE PLATFORM: Persons responsible for the operation, maintenance and growth of the IT platform of this project.

The attached presentation shows the growth strategy of AuroraTech that I have implemented over time. It has been a strategy that God has given me, and that I have tried to follow faithfully:

Launching of the book 7 Golden Rules for Business Growth + Growth Strategies of AuroraTech + Become a Shareholder of AuroraTech - Check our OFFER. Share
Each step of this strategy has been a success if we see it from the point of view of growth of AuroraTech: Social Media campaigns expanded our Customer Base to Africa and the Middle East, even to countries that we had not contemplated in the beginning, such as Ghana . But each step within the strategy involved costs, which have always been provided by God, although I must admit that God's provision has not been lacking, even in critical moments we have had.

The Face-To-Face Diploma in ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION was canceled in UNAB. And it is a hard blow for my finances, since I had that salary to calmly advance the activities of the second semester of 2017. But God did not forsake us, and will provide us abundantly as he has done so far.

I think I know what is happening with the low economic returns of the AuroraTech initiatives: God allows this to happen to treat my arrogance. Matt 23:12 NIV-For he who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be ... via @biblegateway

I think that what has made the victory in AuroraTech's growth strategy not also monetary, has been my own arrogance. God, although He has helped us grow and achieve growth goals, has not allowed that growth to be reflected in money for 2 reasons: 1. He has taken care of me even as he knows that if I had the resources, I would have thrown myself again to conquer another chimera, rebuild a new home. 2. It is teaching me that money is not the most important thing, that we should measure the impact of our work from a different perspective. It is a reminder that I am simply an administrator of the goods entrusted to me. I SHOULD NEVER FORGET THIS!

When applying the analysis of this economic failure I get the following conclusions: (Increase your return on Failure )

I learned about the dynamics of the market and customers, very important things: The economic recession worldwide has affected the decision-making process of the people we have contacted, when investing in knowledge. Knowledge is seen as not indispensable, so they have postponed their purchase decision. It is necessary to extend the customer base to sectors that value knowledge more.
Strategy, Culture and Processes in AuroraTech are in full gestation, it is necessary to develop them and not neglect them.
The AuroraTech team must be structured and constructed. If I want to get to the goals quickly I have to go alone, but if I want to go far I must be accompanied.
Future trends are aligned with the use of technology in every aspect of life.

I have noticed that many people (even close friends) go through situations similar to the ones I go through. That may be an additional reason for these tests: Learn to overcome them to share the lessons learned with other people: Memories of a Virtual Voyager!

This process that I am going through, changing my MINDSET to that of Entrepreneur, has several important points:

It has kept me alert with a well-managed dose of fear that prevents me from missing key opportunities for the Growth of AuroraTech.
The MINDSET of economic scarcity has tried to install itself in me, but I keep fighting so that it is not a limitation, but an advantage that leverages me, making optimal use of resources.
I have had a strong emotional burden when I realized that I consciously made the decision to make this transition, in which the great victim has been my son, since he has lost stability and security, since his studies and health insurance are not covered by the company in which I worked until last year. And yet the takeoff of AuroraTech has not yet left me the necessary resources to do it myself. My son has raised his concerns and his desire for me to return to my old role as an employee, in which he felt more secure.
In my situation I have been able to apply the advice of Steve Jobs: Stay hungry, stay foolish.
This has not allowed me to reach a next comfort zone. On the contrary I continue to expand my comfort zone, which is positive, since the second will be much bigger than the first.

You must offer the world what you have of value. AND HAVE CONFIDENCE THAT THE WORLD WILL TAKE IT!

There are times when uncertainty, the demand for physical evidence, come to be broken. It is there that we must remember the God in Whom we trust and believe. Our faith must help us in those difficult times and show us the wonders that God has in store for us.

Money is only a means to exchange value. That's why the important thing is not to get money, but to be clear about the value that you are going to give the world.

The lesson learned from why growth strategies have been so successful, but financially have not yielded results can be this:
Everything depends on what you look for. Short-term or long-term compensation.

God transforms evil for good (Jose in Genesis, Job, etc): The shortage that I have lived during this beginning of my stage as 100% Entrepreneur has served for several things:

It has trained me in the vicissitudes of every Entrepreneur, our limitations of MINDSET and how to face them.
It has taught me how to manage the little money that came into my hands (the one who is faithful in the little, in the much I will put it, Luke 16:10). Material wealth also comes from knowing how to manage expenses, not creating unnecessary expenses.
He has taught me humility and simplicity. There have been many people who have supported me during this stage of scarcity, starting with my ex-wife.
As an Entrepreneur I was able to focus on my PURPOSE and design and execute growth strategies for AuroraTech.

We are looking for Investors. Become Shareholder of AuroraTech. Share:
Webinars AuroraTech is looking for investors:
We are looking for investors. Please watch this webinar in YouTube (with subtitles in English). Become shareholder of AuroraTech! Check the OFFER
I must understand the Grace of God. By the sacrifice of Jesus I receive SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL AND MATERIAL ABUNDANCE. That includes the physical health on which I must work constantly.


Collaborative Economy:

Reinvent the way to sell / buy
Optimization of lost profits
Change of self to us
Impact Environment
Communities are overtaking corporations

Success Story: Frisby. Dr Alfredo Hoyos
SUPERIOR PURPOSE Life acquires meaning. You have to rely on Kant!
Money and Technology are NOT an end, they are means
Transactional Analysis Raise level of consciousness

Challenges of the network. Commitments to boost innovation.
The University is due to society. We must join efforts between universities and not compete.
The community is a subject of the social process. Redefine the role of the company in the social sphere. There are initiatives but isolated. We are in a new country. We must pay attention to the countryside and tourism!
Technology will allow us to have this collaborative economy model !!!
Several institutions are being articulated. Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives must be encouraged.
The great challenge is asocial to the State, the Academy, the private sector, and the communities as protagonists of their own development.
Meeting is the beginning, staying together is the Progress, and working together is Success. Henry Ford
The issue of social innovation is within the national and departmental plan. CONPES is being built.
PLAN 8 AXES: Multidisciplinarity, Open Innovation, Intelligent Territory, Collaborative Intelligence ...
Success stories.


Many things can be done without money!
MINDSET change!!!
Parallel 38 Divide Korea
Santander is bigger than South Korea. We have more inhabitants. But we do not take advantage of our resources.
In Korea, joint work is done. In Colombia individual work.
In Korea, many vegetables are eaten. In Colombia, a lot of meat is eaten.
Colombia was the only country in Latin America to go to the Korean War. They are very grateful.
Long-term development plan.
Show vision to the people.
Salaries do not depend on diplomas.
High competitiveness

Joshua 21:45 And not one of the good promises of the Lord in favor of Israel was not fulfilled, but each was fulfilled to the letter.

The promises of God are ALWAYS fulfilled. I started constant Digital Marketing campaigns of our coaching service. I had a meeting with the rector of UTS to raise the UTS AuroraTech Alliance.

We are developing in AuroraTech research on the Miller Principle, to help overcome the limits of the information we can receive, process and remember. Our team of researchers has a great friend from Venezuela, who must move to Cali, for working reasons, but will continue to work with us virtually.

Being a successful Entrepreneur also means being able to articulate these work teams. Working alone allows you to do everything more quickly, but working as a team allows you to do things you did not even have on your radar.

All human beings live occupied in living, seeking happiness, but we must not forget to help others with the conquest of their dreams too!

We continue sponsoring our portfolio for the industry, through direct offers, and also using our students as AuroraTech Ambassadors.

AuroraTech has been developing a growth strategy in its 4 years of existence. Part of that strategy is now the promotion of our portfolio for the industry:

I invited our students to become AuroraTech Ambassadors, developing activities for the company in which they did their practice.

Our plan is the following:

+ Get in touch with the company in which you developed your internship.

+ Propose to continue with the next phase of their work, but no longer in internship mode, but as a service. For this service they would be part of the compensation plan of AuroraTech: After discounting the costs of each project, the profits would be distributed 70% for the person (s) who did the work, 25% for AuroraTech and 5% for the communications channel that reached the client.

+ To develop your activities within the company to which we would provide services, it is essential that you sign a contract as Freelancers of AuroraTech.

+ Your activities would have virtual accompaniment and scheduled visits, to ensure maximum quality in our services.

+ These jobs as Freelancers can be attached to your resume, and AuroraTech would certify them, counting as professional experience.

+ We are in the process of creating the BUSINESS ANALYTICS Program. That it will become our 2nd option of Technological Entrepreneurship, also associated with a Diploma, courses and development of our Boosting Economy Platform (presented at the I Regional Summit of Social Innovation of Santander). This Program will also be part of the OFFER that they bring to the Companies in which they provide our services.

As you can see we have PURPOSE, Vision and Ideas. We need you!

Gen 8:16 NIV- "Come out of the ark with your sons, your wife and your daughters-in-law. via @biblegateway

There is too much apathy, too much mediocrity, hiding the inner fears of people who refuse to move forward. In the name of Jesus Christ, make this a day of growth. Check the course of your life, analyze your decisions, approach the window of the soul, and observe the vast horizons and the endless grasslands where God wishes to lead you.

I am realizing that one of my greatest weaknesses is to value myself for what I have and not for what I am. That has generated feelings of rejection and inferiority now that I am economically going through a tough test.

We are worth what we are, not what we have! Ask yourself who you really are. In Jesus you are a son of God!

I am promoting the Technological Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship courses in LinkedIn with Automation Engineers from all over Latin America, Spain and Equatorial Guinea.

I am expanding the audience to students of automation (engineering or technology). I created a survey to evaluate the courses with students and measure if the level was practical enough.

We must be systematic in promoting our messages by marketing our products / services. Make tests to clearly define the message (clear for prospects, appropriate sequence, using neuromarketing, showing benefits), first only with links to our website and then with Video Marketing, and then automating with bots and other technologies. You have to purify the audience for our products / services, segmenting it in social networks like Linkedin, for highly specialized audiences.

I changed my speech by email and Social Media: I stopped showing my OFFERS and I'm going to show why people should become Entrepreneurs. I also trusted to increase my sales.

The Apollo 11 campaign must be rescheduled for the second half of 2018: Once our Boosting Economy and ASA Consortium platforms are functioning and helping Entrepreneurs in their work.

Gen 4: 9 NIV-The Lord asked Cain: Where is your brother Abel? I do not know, "he said. ... via @biblegateway

Do not isolate yourself from the world or stop extending your hand to the neighbor who needs you.

Luke 2: 11-12 The Signal

Jesus came to free us from mediocrity and conformism; He came to freedom from ignorance and from misery. The salvation He offers does not only have to do with the eternal life that you will receive on the occasion of his triumphant return to this world, but also with a life of prosperity on this earth.

Business plans change normally. It is good to have a plan, but it is better to have a mentor by your side, to discover the opportunities you do not know completely, and they are there waiting for you. If I had followed the plan I had in mid-2017 to the letter, my priority would have been to apply for calls to support our Technological Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship Programs. Instead, we performed the transformation of AuroraTech into SAS (Simplified Stock Company) and sought to leverage financially in the sale of shares.

When we are walking the road for the first time, it is easy to miss opportunities because you simply do not have your eyes trained to see them. A mentor, who has already walked the path, has the vision to recognize those opportunities. My mentor has been and is Jesus, who has guided me and helped me to recognize those opportunities (Luke 10:27)
PURPOSE is Essential to become Entrepreneur
I see proposals for Entrepreneurs everywhere, but with the purpose of making money. That's good, but it can not be the PURPOSE that you pursue as an Entrepreneur. You must set a PURPOSE to help other people, and not just yourself, and you will receive retribution for caring for others (Proverbs 11:25).

We must do all our activities with a PURPOSE. If we do this, every aspect of our lives will make sense. The PURPOSES we choose should help others, be friendly to the environment, and help us to conquer dreams of a better world for all. Selfish purposes, which only concern ourselves and our survival as individuals, are very poor. We must learn to dream big, as a community of human beings.
According to statistics from the World Bank, 50% of the world's population (currently more than 3.5 billion people) are under the age of 27, that is, they are Millennials: According to the analysis of experts on the subject, they are self-centered, selfish, immediate a PURPOSE in everything they do. Although the selfish and egocentric must be reassessed, because during the past earthquakes in Mexico were the first people who came to help. They are the fruit of bad parenting techniques (us). We must also teach them about medium and long-term actions.

Peter Senge on the Future of Education

I had already been asked to move out of town before. And although in the past I studied this possibility conscientiously, now I see it more real than before. Although I have a hard time leaving my son, family, loved ones, but God will help me and guide me.

I have also been advised to stay in my home, looking for the best upbringing for my son. God will prepare things in the best way.

God prospered my way and that of AuroraTech in ways I had not imagined: Through some friends that I have in Valencia (Spain) I met another person who is opening doors in Morocco, to promote Technological Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship.

What a great blessing to be in the hands of our Heavenly Father, and to depend completely on Him. The people of Israel took 40 years to travel a journey that could take in a few weeks (Exodus 13: 17-18) Why? Because they had to learn to depend on God completely (Exodus 16).

God keeps His promises. Memories of a Virtual Voyager will be the base text for the reflections that are being shared every week through the digital media of AuroraTech.
Meeting with ANDI del Futuro

DATLAS of Bancoldex. Acquired from Harvard.

The evaluation of financing is based on the Promise of Value. SHOULD HAVE PURPOSE ALSO, which will help overcome difficult times. IN THAT WAY, RISK IS REDUCED BY INVESTING IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP

The National Guarantee Fund supports the financing of Projects! Boosting Economy and ASA Consortium

Bancolombia defines a high impact venture: the company must have 6 months in the market and a sales potential of 400 million COP to three years.

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