Memories of a Virtual Voyager
This is the first chapter of this beautiful book, which seeks to touch the lives of many people through the experiences and reflections of a virtual voyager. The book speaks of the search for God, which every human being must realize, and Entrepreneurship, as a way of personal development in life.
Travel to Valencia (Spain)
I will start talking about my life at the beginning of 2016. Around 10 years ago I had started my PhD in Automation and Industrial Computing, and at the same time I worked full time in the center of scientific research and technological development of the largest company in Colombia. At night I worked at my Entrepreneurship, AuroraTech, who was born in August of 2013. I had very little time to share with my son, who at that time would be 13 years old. I was divorced, after painful situations in which my ex-wife and I did much harm to each other. I lived with my son and my mother, who had arrived with me sent by God to help me in raising my son and supporting me with her care.

Finally my dissertation document had been approved by my tutors, and the defense of my PhD thesis had been scheduled for early February in the city of Valencia (Spain). I planned my trip to Valencia and prepared the presentation of my research for the court of professors who would evaluate my work and decide whether or not I could have a doctorate in Automation and Industrial Computing. It was the second time that I would face a teachers' court, since in 2010 I had defended my Diploma of Advanced Studies, the intermediate phase of the doctorate, by video conference. And it was the second time that I prepared a trip to defend my thesis, since in September of the year 2015 I had planned this defense, to coincide with two international academic congresses that took place in the city of Paris on the subject of my doctoral research. At these congresses I was able to attend as a speaker with one of my doctoral students, but my thesis defense was not approved in September 2015, but postponed to February 2016. The work of one of my students that we presented in Paris in September 2015, was awarded the Colombian Prize for Innovation, by the company in which I was working at the time.

I traveled to Valencia at the end of January 2016 with a host of emotions: On the one hand there was the calm of knowing that I had developed a great research work during the previous 10 years. I had made proposals on how to integrate techniques for early fault detection and diagnosis in industrial processes, the subject of my doctoral research, I had explored the use of other techniques such as alarm sequences to do this task, I had proposed other Methodologies to carry out these tasks with the help of my students. In short, I had put everything on my side to expand the state of art and the frontiers of scientific research in this area.
However, I was also uneasy, because I knew that the road I had to go was even longer, a path that will take me the rest of my life, and that even after my departure it will remain in the hands of future generations of researchers, whom I owe help train, teach. I have been a university professor even long before I had my first university degree. I remember that I was an assistant to my Automatic Control teacher in my undergraduate degree as an engineer, and from there I started lecturing my colleagues from previous semesters. To date I have collected more than 22 years of teaching experiences that have allowed me to internalize the teaching-learning process in the blood. I remember with special affection an anecdote in which my young stepdaughter accompanied me one night to a quiz that I had to do to my students. It would be 2004 when I took my stepdaughter to a class I had with my students. During the quiz she began to walk among the rows of desks and suddenly exclaimed almost with a shout: Carlos Fernando, this guy is cheating! My poor student did not know what to do. He stared at my stepdaughter with a mixture of horror and anger. I simply chastised her and sat her at my desk. By then she must have been about 8 years old.

Valencia is a very beautiful and modern city. It has one of the largest aquariums in the world, the Oceanographic, which I had the opportunity to meet in 2003 during an internship of completion of the master in Automatic and Industrial Computing. The Prince Philip Museum (now King of Spain) has exhibitions that inspire children and boys to enter the world of science.
Valencia mixes the modern with the classic. The towers of Quark, the Miguelete, are some of the spaces that date back several centuries and which showcase their culturally rich history. It was precisely here, in the Iberian Peninsula, that two cultures were found: Hispanics, descendants of Romans, with Muslims, another beautiful culture with which I have had the opportunity to share since 2006, the date of my first doctoral stay in Valencia, in The Colegio Mayor La Coma, an institution that due to budget cuts no longer exists, but which brought together students from all parts of the world, providing a unique space for cultural exchange. I continue to keep friends from different nationalities with whom I shared in my beloved Colegio Mayor. And from here goes a thank you for Alfons, our director, who fought to make possible for many students that space.
The Colegio Mayor was located in La Coma neighborhood, a neighborhood of gypsies, another very beautiful culture that behaved with me and my ex-wife (who accompanied me to Valencia for a few months in 2006 and 2007) as true brothers. We congregated there in a small Christian church, where the gypsies sang songs of their culture to worship God. Precisely there are several theories that link the gypsies with one of the twelve tribes of the people of Israel, lost during one of their exiles. One of the reasons for these theories is the fact that the gypsies know the word of God long before the printing was invented and circulated Bibles around the world. Another reason is the reluctance of the gypsy people to mingle with other peoples, a behavior also reproduced by the people of Israel. The payos, as the Gypsies name the whites, are in the majority of the cases suspicious and derogatory with the gypsies. But I can attest to the beauty of character of this beautiful culture, once you get to know them.
Finally, once I arrived in Valencia at the end of January 2016, I settled in an office that the University arranged for me, and I continued to prepare the defense of my doctoral thesis. I had lunch in the cafeteria of my beloved University, remembering that some years ago I went through those same spaces in the company of which at the time she was still my wife. We were no longer the group of comrades that started the doctorate in 2006. I remember a Mexican, and two friends from Bucaramanga (Colombia), my hometown.
Having achieved the title of doctor is another miracle that God has helped me to become a reality in my life. In my case the medical doctors who attended me during my stroke in 2008 I was evicted, they said that at best I was going to stay in a vegetable state, they did not give me life chances, much less work, and since I had 6 months of the stroke I'm working, much less develop a doctoral thesis, and on February 9, 2016 I had the great blessing of defending my doctoral thesis. WITH GOD, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! (Matthew 19:26).
My doctoral thesis was associated with the development of a software tool for early fault detection and diagnosis, a subject that supports Process Safety, which seems theoretical but not for the population of Bhopal, India, Where on December 3, 1984 an incident occurred that killed more than 10,000 people in less than a week, and killed or left with serious physical and genetic sequelae to thousands in more than 32 years of the tragedy.
There were many technical challenges involved in carrying out a project of such complexity, but in all of them GOD LISTENED TO US. He enlightened us and gave wisdom to address each difficulty and resolve it, showed us the path that we should go. He helped us and gave us encouragement to continue forward even though there were times when we did not see a way out. He opened doors for us and blessed us greatly. DO NOT VALID TITLES, NOR MONEY, OR POSITIONS, THE ONLY ONE THAT IS OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE HEAVENLY FATHER, THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED TO SEARCH FOR HIM UNPRECUTELY, INCANSABLY. This may sound very strong to those who have academic degrees, but I will tell you this: None of the degrees I have prevented me from passing through what I have gone through. Yet God has made everything bearable. It is a great deception that makes us mind; I used to be very arrogant, proud, I thought I was above others, because God had rewarded me with a great intelligence. Now I am learning. The word of God says in Ecclesiastes 1: 2 "vanity of vanities, all is vanity." "Fear God, and keep His commandments; For this is the whole of man "(Ecclesiastes 12:13). Jesus said, "What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?" (Matthew 16:26). We must recognize God in all our ways.
I thought before that the excellence of a person is marked by the academic degrees that have. Now I know that THE WAY TO TRUE EXCELLENCE BEGINS FOR GOD'S SEARCH TO BE DONE (excellence begins by being certain in what is believed). I am not a fan, I can not be one because of my scientific training, but I recognize that the search for God is the most important thing that ALL humans being should realize.

Many times too much science can keep us away from God, which should not be so. I made a great friend who is also another miracle of God. He shared his testimony: My friend medical doctors detected a tumor in the center of his brain. The tumor produced hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus caused him a very bad headache, and when he first went to see the doctor, he was told that what he had was a hangover due to the end of year drunkenness (my friend was drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks). When he went to the clinic, he had to do it in a wheelchair, because his feet did not even help him walk. He was initially operated on for the hydrocephaly he presented and the Hakim valve was inserted in his head (the same type of valve that was inserted into my head). My friend was very keen to get ahead, and a lot of willpower. He was then operated on and removed after a twelve-hour surgery. Then during the recovery in the house he did twenty-five sessions of radiotherapy. My friend is very young, he is studying in the university. At first his mother accompanied him to college. He has some problems walking, some optical problems, and his left hand is half asleep, but GIVES THANKS TO GOD FOR THE LIFE THAT GAVE him, because it could have been worse, but thank God it was not. When my friend was in the clinic, in the two months of hospitalization he had, there were moments when his mood fell, and when he despaired, something reassured him, told him not to worry, to be calm, that was A test for what he was going through, but it was for good. This test changed my friend, and what I said was good, was right, was for good. His relationship with his dads changed, now are his friends, stopped abusing alcoholic beverages. My friend feels that when they removed the tumor, they also removed all the bad things in life. Nowadays, my friend is a happy person, wherever people come he embraces and feels happy to see him. My friend confessed that if God put him to choose to follow a normal life without presenting the tumor, and the hard test that happened, he would choose to get the tumor, because he himself acknowledges that his life was not going to end Well if he had continued in those steps. Poor of him who does not have God in his heart. My friend has stopped in front of his companions to share his testimony of life (that is to praise in someone of such young age). My friend did not believe in God before. He spent hours sheltering in reading scientific books. My friend now advises us to thank God every moment. My friend is aware that God put this hard test to share it and to be able to help other people.
Pride is the one that quarrels science with faith, but in reality they do not have to quarrel, it takes humility to reconcile them (this is not said by me, but by a great man of science). The path of humility is what we need to be guided by God (Psalm 25: 9). The pride and haughtiness of the eyes, on the contrary, are reproved by God (Isaiah 10:12). Sins are the result of pride, pride is the crazy idea that you can live without God: you are your own god; Nobody has to tell you what you should or should not do; You are the master of your life. Time is responsible for showing you that crazy idea leads you down into the darkest depths of human behavior (Obadiah 4). Surrender to Jesus, give Him your plans, put yourself in His hands. Instead of running after creation, we must make the wonderful Creator our companion from every moment of our life (Amos 5: 8).
The director of the Human Genome Project, author of the book "The Language of God", states that humans have begun the battle between science and faith, and we must finish it. He adds that one can find God in the laboratory in the same way as in a cathedral and that unraveling the mysteries of nature increases the feeling of awe, rather than eliminating it. He believes that faith is a way of understanding the deep mysteries that science is unable to solve. The scientist says that, of course, we will need science to help us solve many of our problems (diseases, communication systems, care of the planet), but a purely materialistic approach, devoid of the spiritual aspect of humanity, will impoverish us. The scientist says that both science and faith are ways to seek the truth. Science looks for it by observing how the natural world works, and faith seeks answers to deeper issues, such as why is there something instead of nothing? Or what is the meaning of life? Or does God exist? Everything requires a certain element of faith, you can not be scientific if you do not have faith in the fact that there is an order in Nature and that it will behave in a reproducible and predictable way.
My doctoral thesis is a contribution to coexistence with nature. It seeks to reduce environmental incidents, the loss of human life. God appointed us as stewards of the earth (Psalm 115: 16), but the problem arises when we believe we own the land and abuse our domain. The land pays the consequences of our abuses and is what we see today: Pollution, over exploitation of land, which in turn generates famines, floods, etc. The landowner will come and ask us for accounts of our administration, and what are we going to answer? We do not have to wait for what comes after death to enjoy the promises of God, we can do it here and now. The kingdom of heaven is already among us (Luke 17: 20-21). Whoever has Jesus in the heart, already has the kingdom of the heavens. We must be instruments of peace for this world (Philippians 4: 7). Many times we blame God for the natural disasters that end with many lives, and that affect many people. But we must realize that God only wants to bless us (Jeremiah 29:11), and we ourselves are responsible for all natural tragedies.
The voracity of the human being for the natural resources of the planet knows no limit. The author of the book "The Earth is exhausted" predicts that the Earth, now at an ecological crossroads, will turn against humanity in the form of natural catastrophes and high levels of pollution. In the last 50 years we have finished with half of the species that existed. There are all kinds of threats, terrible things that are going to happen to our planet if we do not change urgently our way of behaving and relating. We are beginning to check the first adverse changes that are occurring in the atmosphere as a result of our actions. The destruction of habitats not only impedes the livelihood of people, but affects the climate and the world.
If I asked anyone if the commitment to the planet, to life is important, would probably say yes, but if we verified how we behave daily and if these actions show a real commitment to life, we would find inconsistencies, our problem is Cultural (culture is what you do, not what you think or believe). I PROPOSE TO WORK IN TWO ASPECTS: THE SPIRITUAL AND THE CULTURAL: In the spiritual we must have a daily communion with Jesus. Christians do something called devotional, which is to rise early in the morning to seek God (Psalm 63: 1, Psalm 90: 4). We need a daily communion with Jesus (Ephesians 2: 4-6), through the sanctified will to overcome sin. Do not be afraid to be part of a minority, a minority that does not give in to its principles by the pressure of the world, a minority that gains souls for God (John 17: 3). We are at a crossroads on the planet: Will we continue to pollute? Ending natural resources? Even when? Or are we going to become aware and take care of what God has given us to manage wisely? And although the problems that we face are very complex and of dire consequences for all, there are problems that have eternal consequences, and that we must learn to size. During this devotional we pray (Luke 18: 1-8, Revelation 5: 8) and we give thanks to God for all the blessings He bestows on our lives, we pray for the whole world, starting with our families and following our loved ones. We ask God to forgive us for our faults, and we pray that His will be done in our lives and in the lives of all those who want to surrender to Him. We continue with the specific requests we have. We clothed ourselves in the armor of God (Ephesians 6: 10-18), to face the daily battle. It is only possible to live a life of obedience as long as we live a life of prayer (Luke 6:12). We read the word of God (Romans 10:17), in order or disorder (although I have found its reading more fruitful in order). We reflect on what God wanted to say through the texts read. In the silence of reflection is when the fire of the Spirit is kindled in our heart to consume the wrong feelings, thoughts and habits of life (Psalm 39: 3). Reading the word of God can be accompanied by additional readings from other texts. Throughout the day, in every act we do, we keep in mind the dialogue with God in the morning, and allow Him to guide our steps. We develop the activities normally performed by everyone, but we do them for the glory, honor and praise of God. Prayer collapses difficulties, opens closed doors, gives energy and power to a victorious life, and gives us the ability and strength to proclaim the gospel (Ephesians 6:18). It is not a life of retreat that I propose, but a normal life, but with prayer as a fundamental channel of communication with God. God speaks to us powerfully every day, tells us what to do, how to behave, what to say, and what do we normally do? We close our ears and we do not hear Him. WE SHOULD LEARN TO DISCUSS WITH GOD, AND HEAR WHAT HE HAS TO TELL US.
In cultural terms, we must have a real commitment to life. Eliminate the use of plastic bags. Recycle the trash. Let's not destroy the trees. Do not use your vehicle as much. Water is a very valuable resource and we have to protect it. There are several ways we can contribute to saving water: When showering do it in less time. Close the key when we soak and shave. At home, if we have lights on that we do not use, turn them off. Do not litter in the streets. Let's have a zero-paper mentality: Before printing any document, let's think about whether it really is necessary. If we can print double-sided, let's do it; We must learn how to recycle garbage, by taking biological waste away from recyclable material; Compensate for the environmental damage caused by planting trees, for example; Use electronic documents. In industrial environments we must have a culture free of incidents, we must take care of ourselves, care for others and the environment, we must use the elements of personal protection, do a risk analysis and assess all the circumstances before tackling a task. Let's fight together to prevent mining activities from ending up with water and polluting the environment. In short, there are many things we can and must do to help nature.

The commitment to life, respect and full compliance with human rights and environmental protection, must be present in all our activities. To have a commitment to life is to act to guarantee a healthy, safe and clean environment in daily activities, putting the integrity of people, the environment and the community as a priority value. It involves identifying and assessing risks in advance and implementing the necessary actions to eliminate, control or reduce risks.

The pollution we see on Earth has seen great growth due to consumerism that our modern society has generated

Another world is possible. Where the dreams of our children can be given. According to international studies, in the year 2050 we would need two Earth planets to feed the consumerism that overpowers us. There are many initiatives to take care of nature:
We must accept the divine teachings, the counsels of God, recorded in His word. Proverbs 8:10. God made us in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26), with dreams and illusions, with possibilities of greatness (Psalms 8: 4-8), and appointed us administrators of the Earth (Genesis 1:28), but we have misappropriated What God gave us, and we have not understood that we are not the masters of the earth, we are only his stewards (Psalm 24: 1-2). You must be the change you want to see on earth.
EVERYTHING I HAVE DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. ALL I AM AND I HAVE GIVEN IT BY THE CREATOR TO SHARE. WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER? We will not solve the problem of pollution, nor the famine that strikes the world, because they have deep roots, sin, but even if we do not accept it, we are guardians of our brothers (of the world) (Genesis 4: 9), and We can and must give a bread to the needy, we must take care of our planet, pray for the salvation of the world. We must support initiatives of solidarity, those that aim for a fairer, more equitable world for all, that seek to eliminate illiteracy, organize the most needy in cooperatives that help all its members, those who seek a fairer remuneration for all Workers. You can not look, you must compromise with the neediest. And although we must wish to inherit a better world for our children, we must think of inheriting the best children for the planet. It is in the home where children learn respect, coexistence, love, and care for their planet. The mercy of God must be seen in our small acts of kindness that every day make this earth a fairer place.

We need the grace and mercy of God EVERY day. You can not have enough of them. In Philippians 2: 9-11 we are told that His name represents His being, describing who He is, "Therefore God also exalted Him to the utmost, and gave Him a name which is above every name, that in the name of Jesus will bow every knee to those in the heavens, and to the earth, and down the earth; And every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." It is not through miracles that we are going to have a close relationship with the Father, it is through a close relationship with Jesus (John 6:57). We all want to find happiness, but it is through the path of life that we are going to find it (Psalm 16:11). And the way, the truth and the life are Jesus (John 14: 6-9). We must seek God every day (Proverbs 8:34), we must reflect on His word, His promises, His commands (Psalm 119: 4), so that the Master does not say, "Why do you call me Lord, Lord , And do not what I say? "(Luke 6:46). In Zechariah 4: 6 it says, "Not by might, nor by might, but by my Spirit," says God.
We must have faith in God, and trust in Him, and not in men (Jeremiah 17: 5-8). In Mark 11: 22-24 Jesus said, "Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall say to this mountain, Depart, and be cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but will believe that it shall be done that which he saith, that which he shall say shall be done him. Therefore, I say to you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it, and it will come to you. "

The power of the word is very great, but you have to believe what God promised. To say it and to believe it is the way to give results, it is the positivism in which one has to move. Our words are often negative, and the word has power. We give voice to the word of God from our mouth. The word of God is a statement in our lives. What we declare with our mouths will be like that. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). The best way to counter negative words is to be filled with God. We must declare blessing daily in our lives (Romans 10: 8-10).
You have to be bold with life. It is we ourselves who limit ourselves to the blessings God wants to pour into our lives. To all the opportunity comes, what needs to be done is to take advantage of it (Ecclesiastes 9:11). For God there is no past, there is only the present and the future. Even if we have sinned, if we repent and sincerely seek Him with all our heart, we will have His forgiveness, and the desires of our heart, what is needed is to have the proper attitude and commitment to behave as true children of God. We must seek the blessings of God in our lives, it is much easier to remain the same in our lives, but God always places the dilemma, the easy way or the difficult road. Which are we going to choose? Fears must be overcome by confronting them and not fleeing them.

We must nourish ourselves with positive thoughts (Philippians 4: 8). God is interested in our thoughts, because they affect our words and actions. God wants us to have good thoughts, because they are healthy thoughts, and they do us good both physically and mentally. It is essential to grow every day, in the Spirit above all. Managing emotions is key.
God reveals Himself to us through many forms: Through His word, through other people, through nature (Psalm 19: 1-2). We must be attentive to hear His voice and grasp what He wants to tell us. We must question ourselves by what it tells us through His creation, besides that we have poisoned it, polluted it, killed it, we have been bad stewards. It has occurred to us as narrates Proverbs 15: 5 "A fool despises his father's counsel; But he that keepeth correction shall be wise." We have built wealth from many injustices that cry out from this earth.

The judgment of God approaches the earth (Isaiah 24: 1-10). We must be prepared. But if we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him by His grace and His mercy: "and you will seek and find me, for you will seek Me with all your heart" (Jeremiah 29:13). We can still enjoy the grace and mercy of God. That is why we must look for Him now, before it is too late (1 Samuel 15: 27-28).

We must approach God as it says in James 4: 8 "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. Sinners, clean your hands; And you double-minded, purify your hearts." And God promises that if we draw near to Him, He will accompany us during all the trials (Isaiah 43: 2):" When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And if by the rivers, they will not drown you. When you pass through the fire, you will not burn, nor will the flame burn in you. "We must turn to His rebuke:" Turn to my rebuke; Behold, I will pour out my spirit upon you, and I will make you know my words "(Proverbs 1:23).
I have seen many people invert priorities in their lives, with catastrophic results. The order God wants us to place for the priorities in our lives is first He, then the family, the home, and third the work. Any violation of this order of priorities will bring desolation to our lives.
The purpose of trials is to test our faith and teach us to trust in God. It was in my limitations that the love of God was perfected (2 Corinthians 12: 9). God turns the most difficult and painful situations into blessings. Why did humans come to this world? Someone told me to learn and to teach. To leave a legacy for all humanity. Not to make money, money is ephemeral, no one leaves this world with money, we leave everything behind, then it is not to make money or material things that we came to this world. WE HAVE COME TO THIS WORLD WITH A PURPOSE, THE PURPOSE OF GOD, AND THE SUCCESS IN LIFE CONSISTS OF DISCOVERING THIS PURPOSE AND BEING FAITHFUL. What allows us to do everything in our lives, we take it for granted, but it does not, it does not have to happen, everything happens by the grace and mercy of God, and that allows us to increase our faith. It is my friend who makes me a better person (Proverbs 27:17). Problems are good friends. To the children of God all things help them well (Romans 8:28). Jesus is God's answer to the despair of man. God also speaks to us through problems. We are governed by His purpose (if we allow Him to act in our life), and this allows us to grow. We must learn the lesson of depending on God. We learn in the midst of tears, sometimes God allows us to advance in our own ways to teach us that can only lead us to frustration (Judges 7: 2).
You can only receive from God when you are hungry for Him. We must be willing to receive from God what He wants us to know. We must be an example to others, light in the midst of darkness, that our life be a witness to touch other lives, and the way to do this is by setting a good example. We like to receive blessings and promises, but we forget that first it takes discipline, faith, service, commitment, self-control, temperance, and sharing with others. To receive blessings from God we must first obey Him (Galatians 3: 6-10). God not only asks us not to do wrong, God asks us to do the good. In 1 Corinthians 9:24 it says: "Do you not know that those who run in the stadium all run, but only one takes the prize? "We must run the good race of doing the will of God every day, and His will is recorded in His word, that is why it is so important to reflect daily on it.
The service is fundamental, we come to this land to serve. We acquire a very valuable purpose in life, when we dedicate ourselves to serving others. From our present situation, from the work we have, from the Entrepreneurship, from our family, but not with selfish interests but with the conviction that our happiness is achieved by helping other people realize themselves, worrying about their well-being, their problems , For their needs, and helping them.
God wants to prosper us, but especially in the spiritual (Psalm 1: 1-3, Psalm 122: 6, 2 Chronicles 20:20, Nehemiah 2:20, 3 John 1: 2), and to do this we must invest (Ecclesiastes 11: 1 -2), not only money, but also our time, our love. But to prosper we must do things in God's way (Joshua 1: 8). One must live life according to divine principles. To live life is to accept it with its risks and challenges, is to place every drop of blood and every ounce of energy to build a dream. HAVE TO LEARN TO DREAM. But the dreams are reached little by little. Says the author of the book "Live your dream", "The great men and women of history were not great for the money, nor the glory they achieved, nor for the possessions they achieved. They were great because they surrendered themselves to others and to causes that lived beyond them. Their dream endures beyond them because they lived for others. " A devout American professor and scientist said: "We can not change the cards that are dealt to us, but how we play our game." This teacher dictated his last talk in the university, now titled "How to truly fulfill the dreams of your childhood". The profound content of this teacher's speech is that we never forget to dream, that we strive to achieve our goals, that obstacles are stimuli along the way and that we base ourselves on optimism, gratitude and forgiveness and sincerely apologize .

We are the size of our dreams. I had the great blessing of attending a lecture given by a great friend at the research center where I worked. The conference was about the brain and how to conquer dreams. A definition of dream is: "It is a picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it." Some phrases given during the conference were: "The most important discovery of this generation is the understanding that human beings can alter their lives by altering their mental attitude." "We are all responsible for the thoughts we harbor in our mind. We have the ability to think what we want. Our negative and self-destructive attitudes and behaviors have originated in the way we have chosen to think. " "There are two kinds of people in this world: the realists and the dreamers. The realists know where they are going, the dreamers have already been there. " "Success: It will not happen unless you decide to make it happen. It is not a stroke of luck. It is not a divine right. It is not a birth accident. IT'S A CHOICE! ". My friend posed as a key element of success the intense practice, for which it is necessary to be a dreamer, to have high self-esteem, to have abundance mentality, to have character, growth capacity, decision, effectiveness, enthusiasm, balance, faith, passion and responsibility.

We must be strong and wait on the Lord (Psalm 31:24). It is the only way to conquer our dreams. We must elevate our spirit to conquer the potential that God wants from us. It becomes necessary to demand each day to develop and strengthen our talents and raise our gaze to see beyond the obvious. It is necessary to develop a vision that ignites and keeps us alive throughout life. Many times in life we feel lost and incapable, but none of that is true; It is necessary to pass through the crucible of trial and darkness, so that we can learn the lesson that becomes necessary in each moment of our existence.
In Matthew 19:21 Jesus said to the rich man, "If you want to be perfect, go and sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; And come and follow me." We must eradicate everything that separates us from God. We must be authentic in our relationship with God. We must first change the inside, and it is Jesus Who helps us to realize this transformation (Matthew 23:26).

We must pray and work (Proverbs 14: 4). God gave us hands to look for opportunities. The person who learns to depend on God, creates opportunities, does not find them by chance. We must build our lives. For me it would have been very easy to give up on the difficulties presented to me in the doctorate. But God gave me the strength and the wisdom to overcome those difficulties. In Proverbs 14: 1 it says, "A wise woman builds her house, but a fool with her hands knocks her down." We must act as the wise woman. We must build our lives. We can not be lazy. Let us not have to say God "Lazy, how long will you sleep? When will you arise from your sleep? "(Proverbs 6: 9). Opportunities do not come alone, you have to look for them, victory is the reward of work.
Everything has a price, now I know. And we must be willing to pay it, if we want to win. The price we must pay for not having a common life, is not to do things in a common way, but to be excellent in every thing we do. To impregnate to each thing a particular seal, the seal of excellence. I take off my hat to what we do at the research center where I worked until December 31, 2016. All of us are somehow always selling something, an idea, our time, our work, but the vast majority of people work with A finished product. We on the other hand sold a product that is still under construction. The developments we were making are unique in the world, they are like our little children. I came to think to myself: "Who told me to get into this mad cow? I could be very comfortable working with a tried and tested product. "But then I thought," Responsibilities do not get away, they face. "We know very well that every victory involves new challenges, involves sacrifices many times, The victory in each of them, well worth it.
DO YOU WANT TO BE GREAT? We must serve (Mark 10: 43-44). In Psalms 8: 4 it says, "What is man, that thou shalt have the remembrance of him, and the son of man, that thou shalt visit him?" And the answer is, "We are the wonderful children of God, if we accept the precious promise which God made us in Jesus, to make us His children, if we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.
In Isaiah 54: 1-17 it says, "Rejoice, O barren one, who did not bear; She raises a song and shouts with joy, she who never gave birth; Because more are the children of the destitute than the married ones, God has said. Make the place of your tent broad, and the curtains of your rooms spread; Do not be scarce; Lengthen your strings, and strengthen your stakes. For you shall extend to the right hand and to the left hand; And thy seed shall inherit nations, and dwell in the desolate cities. Do not be afraid, for you will not be confused; And do not be ashamed, for you will not be affronted, but you will forget the shame of your youth, and you will no longer remember the affront of your widowhood. For your husband is your Maker; God of hosts is His name; And your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; God of all earth will be called. For as an abandoned and sorrowful woman of the spirit God has called thee, and as the wife of youth that is put away, thy God said. For a brief moment I left you, but I will gather you with great mercies. With a little anger I hid my face from you for a moment; But with everlasting mercy I will have compassion on you, said God your Redeemer. For this shall be unto me as in the days of Noah, when I swore that the waters of Noah shall never pass over the earth; So I have sworn that I will not be angry with you, nor will I quarrel. For the mountains shall be moved, and the hills shall tremble; but my mercy shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be broken, saith God, which hath mercy on thee. Poor, weary with tempest, without consolation; Behold, I will lay thy stones upon the carbuncle, and upon the sapphires I will establish thee. Your windows I will make of precious stones, your gates of carbuncle stones, and all your walls of precious stones. And all thy children shall be taught of God; And the peace of your children will be multiplied. With justice you will be adorned; You will be far from oppression, because you will not fear, and fear, because it will not come near you. If any man conspire against you, he shall do it without me; He that shall conspire against thee shall fall before thee. Behold, I have made the smith who blows the embers in the fire, and that bringeth forth the tool for his work; And I have created the destroyer to destroy. No weapon forged against you shall prosper, and you shall condemn every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the inheritance of the servants of God, and their salvation from me will come, said God. "We can not remain bonsai, very beautiful but without fruit. God has called us to bear many fruits. Limitations are most of the times in our mind. The fruit we must give is to bring many at the feet of Jesus.
Christians say "we are Christians, then we are saved", Catholics say "we are Catholics, then we are saved", Muslims say "we are Muslims, then we can relate to God." We as human beings always thinking about what separates us before what unites us. It unites us that we worship the same God. God is One only (Deuteronomy 6: 4-5, James 2:19, Romans 3:30, 1 Corinthians 8: 6, 1 Timothy 2: 5), and is the same for Christians, for Catholics, for Muslims, for all the world. And it is true that we have to meet with Christians, with Catholics, or with Muslims, to receive the word of God, which is spiritual food, the fuel that moves our inner vehicle, but beyond religions, what God wants is Have a personal relationship with each of us, and what we must do is look for Him.

Why should we not stop looking for God? In 1 Peter 5: 8-9 it says, "Be sober and watch; For your adversary the devil, like a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour; To resist in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are being fulfilled in your brethren throughout the world." We have an adversary who is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. In Proverbs 8: 17-18 it says, "I love those who love me, and those who seek me early find me. Riches and honor are with me; Durable riches, and righteousness." In Psalm 105: 4 it says," Seek God and his power; Seek His face always." In James 4: 7-10 it says,"Submit yourselves therefore to God; Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. Sinners, clean your hands; And you double-minded, purify your hearts. Be afflicted, and mourn and weep. Your laughter will turn to weeping, and your joy into sadness. Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up." If we want God closer, we must seek Him. We are the most privileged to look for Him.
There is no one poorer than anyone who does not have a dream. I have a dream: Let the whole world speak of the grace and mercy of God. In 2 Timothy 1: 6-7 it says, "Therefore I counsel thee to stir up the fire of the gift of God which is in thee by the laying on of my hands. For God has not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-control." God gave us some gifts, some capacities, and we have to put them to work. I need your help to fulfill this dream. If each of us agrees that at least 1,000 people subscribe their e-mails here:

And read and meditate on the reflections, we will be some reflecting on the search for God. God told us, through the apostle Paul, that we should be a light to the world: "that ye may be blameless and simple, children of God without blemish in the midst of an evil and perverse generation, in the midst of which ye shine as lights in the World" (Philippians 2:15). My dream is that we can form a community of practice on the pursuit of God, where we work as a team and find value in learning together, capitalizing on experiences for permanent improvement. We must join the passion and interest in the search for God. We must be connected, not just together, sharing the lessons learned during the search, success stories, and our needs as well. Forward this testimony and reflections to all your contacts, in order to touch many lives (Psalm 105: 1). GIVE PEOPLE FOR GOD FOR LOVE AND NOT FOR FEAR. The law of progressive tenure says that in order to have more, I must have something, a dream, a goal (Matthew 25: 14-29). For this to become evident in our lives, there are principles to be handled: We must be clear about Who owns everything, and who the administrator (1 Chronicles 29: 9-12), the law of stewardship; The principle of the law of use (which says that we must put into operation the talent that God has given us, practice makes the master); The law of fidelity (fidelity to God brings us prosperity and blessing); The law of revelation (Luke 24:45), we must understand who we serve.

I must say that the communications infrastructure of my University in Valencia (Spain) is the best I had the chance to experience. Those tasks of digital processing that I took a couple of hours in Colombia, in Valencia could do in a few minutes. The days before the defense of my thesis before the court, I remember that I could hardly sleep. The defense proved to be a success, and I was able to rest a little. My directors invited us together with the court for a delicious meal. Tradition demands that the student make the invitation, but I thanked the gesture since my move to Valencia had made it with own resources, due to the hard financial situation that was happening the company for which I was working at that time.

Upon my return to Colombia I received the welcome of my son and my mother, who celebrated with me the passage. Even my ex-wife congratulated me, since she had witnessed the great miracle that had meant to have concluded this doctorate after the occurrence on February 28, 2008 of my stroke.
I continued working at nights in my Entrepreneurship, AuroraTech, which for this moment focused only on Small and Medium Business SMBs, and Entrepreneurs, offering Digital Marketing and Video Marketing services. I set up campaigns on Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google AdWords, and others for Entrepreneurs from the Middle East and Africa (Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, etc.). This allowed me to reach this audience so far geographically, but so close to my heart.
In mid-April 2016 I was in the city of Cartagena, developing a work in Alarm Management, and I had to fine-tune the information platform with which the different stakeholders could share information, and in a collaborative way, to build the decisions we must Take with regard to alarms of industrial plants. All were very busy: Operations, Control, Process, but there are tasks with regard to the alarms, which are inapressable, and that have to do with Process Safety, the first purpose that has driven me to continue this work (lives of people , Environmental impact, and economic losses).
On the same date I did something that I feel especially proud of: I sent money to Pakistan and Ecuador to help after earthquakes that affected those regions of the world. Only this became later, in the case of Pakistan, in a case that taught me that it is better to teach fishing, than to give a fish (Genesis 3:19). People do not want to leave their comfort zone. Although they are given new opportunities to get out of their precarious situation, they have a hard time understanding what Entrepreneurship is all about. They dilate their decisions. They assign the guilt of their situation, or not conquer their dreams, to others, but do not assume the responsibility to build something better for their lives. They need to change their mindset!
In the new business model of Video Marketing people can run Trials for 30 days FREE, during which they receive tutorials that teach them how to handle it to create advertising campaigns by email and Social Networks. The 30 days pass and you must make a decision: you enter or not the business. Do not delay the decision. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. Your life will remain the same. If you want a change in your life, make the decision to be a Digital Entrepreneur. We offer Video Marketing as a clear and direct Entrepreneurship option. For the Entrepreneurs we have the offer of that they become Digital Marketing Agency, providing services to its clients. We are growing all over the world. Every day we receive entrepreneurs from Nigeria. We are inviting people from Morocco, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, from all over the world. Some time ago an entrepreneur from Ivory Coast wrote to me in Africa. There they speak French, but also English. At AuroraTech we are testing cold marketing techniques - with people you do not know (unlike warm marketing - with your friends and well-known people). We will share these techniques to make use of the tools of digital marketing to grow your business. We started creating animated videos for our Entrepreneurs and SMBs. With these videos I have been able to show the people of Latin America that I have Facebook friends (Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, etc.) the advantages of Entrepreneurship.

As for my physical recovery I continued to make great efforts to improve my physical condition. Start by taking an experimental drug that has yielded very positive results in patients who survived stroke. To increase brain plasticity, ie functions that previously played areas of the brain that were damaged by the stroke, are now played by other areas of the brain that were not damaged. At the end of February of the year 2017 road with difficulty using cane. And at this moment I have left aside my physical recovery by attending AuroraTech with more care.
In Colombia, during this time, we had a strong controversy over the peace agreement between the government and the FARC. I now share the reflection of the journalist Claudia Palacios: How to forgive the unforgivable? Peace process in Colombia

1. We are not one Colombia but many. What are these other Colombias that we do not know?
2. Self-critical lack. Leaders are concerned about how their name will stay in history.
3. We must know history, not to justify it but to understand it. What do we lack to understand the unjustifiable?
4. The media are bent on peace. Not all the news of peace has been reported, only the tragic news, but not the resilience of the victims. What we think of the conflict in Colombia is the result of the media or our own senses? We must be responsible in how we build our vision.
5. There are many disagreements and agreements about forgiveness and reconciliation. Forgiveness is a personal decision. Requires accompaniment. Forgiveness is a gift that makes itself the victim. How do we incorporate the different visions of forgiveness into our contribution to peace?
6. It is not enough to be a good citizen. You have to be exceptional. Build peace from the role everyone has.
I made all the efforts to incorporate Early Fault Detection and Diagnosis in the strategy of Process Safety of the company in which I worked until December 31, 2016. I even made a trip to the capital of Colombia to make the presentation of INCLUDING FDD IN THE PROCESS SAFETY STRATEGY. This travel had to do it with my own resources. However, due to the tough economic situation in the world, they did not echo my proposals. This contributed to my decision to quit my job, and continue to promote the use of these technologies to increase Process Safety from AuroraTech. My responsibility as a doctor is to train future generations of researchers. Create critical mass.
I held a videoconference with members of a group of Venezuelan Entrepreneurs, a Venezuelan SMB that is dedicated to coaching entrepreneurs. I want to help the Venezuelan brothers. They are having a very bad time with the shortage of food that has caused the current government. What Successful Business people say is that you have to look at your business numbers. It is true that we must not forget the numbers, but the main thing is to have our eyes on God, since He is the provider, and makes things happen.
At the end of May 2016 my son and I moved to an apartment alone. My mom moved with another son (my brother) living in the same city. It has been hard for my mom and for me to have to live apart, after 2 years in which we lived together and she was a great emotional support used by God to get up after separation and divorce from my Ex-wife. My son and I were able to share more time together as son and father. Romans 8:28 good and evil work for good.

We must forgive 70 times 7 (Matthew 18: 15-22). I met my ex-wife. I felt that the terrible feeling of hate I had was taking away. God healed my heart. She proposed that we go back together. Although I felt she might be right, I did not feel ready to take this step. I was finally able to divorce my wife. But I still love her. I could argue her mistakes, or I could give her a second chance. I went out with my ex-wife and son. I felt like love was reborn in me. But the wounds still hurt. It hurts a lot to remember what we did to each other. It is very difficult to forget. Although I have been practicing forgiveness therapy. It should hurt less if I were aware of the pain I also caused her. But we do not understand the pain of the other. I have to put myself in her shoes.
Travel to Barcelona (Spain)
At the beginning of September 2016 I traveled to Barcelona (Spain) to give a presentation at the 3rd Congress of Fault Tolerant Control. I took advantage of this trip to do several things: In Bogota I met with postgraduate people in Data Analytics of one of the largest universities in Colombia, with whom I hoped to teach classes in Marketing and Abnormal Situations Automation starting in 2017. In Madrid I had a meeting with a Spanish company that we were representing in Colombia and with great friends Entrepreneurs of Spain. In Barcelona I arrived at the end of a presentation of Colombian music that my stepdaughter had. I also saw in Barcelona with a great friend, to deliver a parcel of clothes for his unborn baby. During this trip I decided to give up my full-time job at the scientific research center where I worked for 18 years and from January 1, 2017 dedicate myself to teaching, scientific research and AuroraTech. I have not yet generated any economic income to replace those of my previous company. But we must take steps of faith. In Exodus 14 if the people of Israel had not begun to walk, perhaps the Red Sea would not have opened. When I discussed this decision with my son, he was very worried. I also have but I have faith. I need financial freedom. My son is sick and requires my time and attention. To quit this job before having the income to replace those of my full-time job, I will prove a theory: The Pareto at the time of giving up is the freedom of time you get and need to generate with your venture the residual income that you Will give financial freedom. I am discovering that success in my Entrepreneurship is that I employ the specialized knowledge and passion that I already have. At the end of September 2016 I had the opportunity to attend the annual Latin American online business conference in Bogotá.
From employee to Entrepreneur (watch the video with subtitles in English)

I made the decision to be a FULL-TIME ENTREPRENEUR. I recorded a video with my testimony of the transition from employee to Entrepreneur. My goal is to touch the lives of many people, showing them that it is feasible to make the transition to Entrepreneur. Watch the video with subtitles in English.
There are some initial motivations to make this change, they are economic. I could not afford all my expenses with my salary. Many will say that this only happens to low-income people. I had an excellent salary, but I was poor financially, because most of my salary was going to cover debts. I lived in the race of rats, as Robert Kiyosaki, the finance guru, calls us to the race we live in all the time: Working to get money, We consume too much, We need more money, We have to sell our time, and We start the cycle again.
Many will say that that only happens to people who are not educated, I have a doctorate. Many will say that being good at what they do will be good, modesty aside I consider myself very good at what I do, so much so that in September 2015 I was in Paris, exposing the results of an investigation at 2 FDD International Academic Congresses, and in September 2016 I was in Barcelona exposing my doctoral research in another international academic congress.
What is happening is that the world is changing by leaps and bounds. It was written by Alvin Toffler in his book The Third Wave more than 40 years ago. You have to educate yourself financially, know concepts like residual income, leverage, etc.
Why not reach the salary? If you have bad habits or vices like alcohol or gambling, that contributes significantly. I personally am a dreamer. Even when prudence commands me not to do certain things, I was indebted to achieve them (borrowing money was the only way I knew to get the necessary resources). Trips to Paris and Barcelona made them out of my own pocket. The largest company in Colombia had no budget to pay for them.
We have to build dreams. This leads me to the following reason for this step: If we want to fight for our dreams, for those of our families, for those of our loved ones, BEING ENTREPRENEUR WE CAN DO IT. Now, I speak not only of material dreams, but also of spiritual and physical dreams. Do you want to serve your neighbor? Do you want to help many people conquer their dreams?

When taking stock of my life I must say that I worked for 18 years in the largest company in the country. Taking stock of these 18 years leads me to consider several things: Academic and labor leave me great dividends, 3 specializations, a diploma, a master's degree, a doctorate. Experience in Industrial Automation (which I have been able to share through university teaching). I became an expert in my field. But it also leaves me with a divorce, and a son who needs my time. Which brings me to the next motivator to take this step: Being an Entrepreneur you can fight for your financial freedom. Which is not having a lot of money, but having time to share with your family, with your loved ones.

Some interesting facts about our personal finances: The statistics show that of the employees who come to retire, the vast majority are economically dependent on the government, or an institution, or a relative. If you work and receive US $ 500 per month, what can you do with US $ 200 per month or less? In my case, the debts that have been undermining my excellent salary, led me to not even reach to pay the rent.

Some Suggestions on Personal Finance: What the Bible Says about Managing Personal Finance:

Set priorities (Proverbs 24:27)
Make a budget (Luke 14: 28-30)
Build an emergency fund (Genesis 41: 34-36)
Avoiding debt (Proverbs 22: 7)
Diversify Your Investments (Ecclesiastes 11: 2)
Reduce Risk as you get older (Ecclesiastes 5: 13-14)

What Financial Intelligence says about managing personal finances:

Wealth must be measured in time.
Wealth depends on the type of income you have (linear Vs residual).
Wealth also depends on the spending habits you have.
Wealth also depends on how you invest your remaining money (generating assets, not generating debts).
World Bank statistics about unemployment:

Unemployment refers to the proportion of the workforce that has no job but is available to look for a job.

Source: International Labor Organization, Key indicators of the labor market database.
Unemployment and total employment are the broadest indicators of economic activity reflected by the labor market. The International Labor Organization (ILO) defines the unemployed as members of the economically active population who are unemployed but available for work and seeking work, including those who have lost their jobs or voluntarily left their jobs. Some unemployment is inevitable. At any time some workers are temporarily unemployed - between jobs as employers look for the right workers and workers look for better jobs.

Changes in unemployment over time may reflect changes in the demand and supply of labor; They may also reflect changes in reporting practices. Paradoxically, low unemployment rates can disguise substantial poverty in a country, while high unemployment rates can occur in countries with a high level of economic development and low poverty rates. In countries without unemployment or social benefits, people earn a living in vulnerable employment. In countries with well-developed safety nets, workers can afford to wait for adequate or desirable jobs. But high and sustained unemployment indicates severe inefficiencies in the allocation of resources.
World Bank statistics about Poverty:
The poverty gap at US $ 1.90 per day (PPA 2011) is the average income or consumption deficit of the poverty line US $ 1.90 per day (counting the non-poor as having no deficit), expressed as a percentage of The poverty line. This measure reflects the depth of poverty as well as its incidence.

The number of wars increased until the end of the cold war. The following picture shows that the number of wars increased until the break-up of the Soviet Union and has been declining ever since. Extra-regional conflicts are colonial conflicts that ended with the end of colonialism. Interstate conflicts - war between countries - have almost ceased to exist. As other wars are becoming rare, intra-state conflicts continue (civil wars) in some parts of the world.
The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is experiencing a period of turmoil. Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen are waging civil wars that are causing incalculable damage in terms of human lives and infrastructure. Some 15 million people have fled their homes, many of them to fragile countries or countries with weak economies such as Jordan, Lebanon, Djibouti and Tunisia, leading to the largest refugee crisis since World War II. The current chaos that Yemen suffers has put back the development of the country in several years. With repeated blockages and cycles of violence, Gaza's unemployment rate is the highest in the world at this time, while gross domestic product (GDP) reaches only 40% of its potential. Countries experiencing political transitions, such as Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan, have had to address security concerns rather than policies that promote growth. Oil exporters such as Algeria, Iran and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, which today enjoy relative peace, are struggling with low oil prices, in addition to chronic youth unemployment and the lack of diversification of Their economies. It should be noted that positive aspects, such as the political consensus around the Tunisian Constitution, and constitutions and laws that grant more rights to women and protect freedom of expression and information in Morocco, Jordan and Egypt, are indicators of greater Participation in the formulation of policies.

Our present reality is plagued by a lack of opportunity for our generations. Unemployment, informal employment, lack of motivation to fight for their dreams in our youth and adults, are just some of these realities. In this current situation, Entrepreneurship emerges as a more than appropriate employment option. It helps young people and adults to develop their jobs, beyond the restrictions of employment and informal employment existing in our countries. The reality of the twenty-first century is complex: 75% of Colombians are looking for new job options. The main reasons for changing jobs in Colombia are: poor relationship with managers, lack of growth opportunities and nonconformity with salary.

The etymology of the word Entrepreneurship comes from the French entrepreneur that means pioneer, and refers to a person's ability to make an unprecedented and extraordinary effort to reach a goal or goal, which others assume difficult or impossible. It is also commonly used to refer to the person starting a new business or project, as well as applying to entrepreneurs who were innovative or adding value to an existing product or process. Entrepreneurship as a phenomenon has its origins in the beginning of the history of humanity, its action and its works is present throughout the history of man and his struggle to overcome, to find better ways of doing things and improve their quality of life. In this sense. Entrepreneurship is something innate of every human being, something that has always been present in man.

Entrepreneurship is about Free Will, Financial Freedom, Freedom of Time, etc. Free will is to have the freedom to make decisions in our lives, and not wait for others to make those decisions for us.

I already explained to you the reason for this decision to be a 100% Entrepreneur. Now I'm going to explain with what I take this decision. Especially with faith in God and His promises. Many people would say that it is reckless that a person with my physical limitations, leave the safety and stability that gives being a worker at the largest company in Colombia. I'm going to share some of the risks that I run as an Entrepreneur.

Risk of meeting wonderful people in all parts of the world:
Risk of fulfilling my dreams:

You must pursue your dreams regardless of the trials. I must remind you that I am a dreamer, and I take this step inspired by transforming my life and that of many people. It is not easy, leaving the area of ??the known is not easy. God did not promise that there would be trials, but promised that in all of them He would accompany us. There have been many tests that I have gone through: In 2008, I suffered a stroke (the best day of my life). Physical plantar facitis on my right foot has increased, now I walk with great difficulty using cane. Economic I have been behind in the payments of my economic commitments to the point of being in legal charge and even trial of launching the apartment where I lived. But in all the trials I have seen the wonderful hand of God backing me and providing me. Romans 8:28, good and bad work for good to those who love God and are faithful to His call. Now I am happier because I feel that I am pursuing the purpose for which I was made. Happiness is in being not in having.

I started work in 2017 in Universities in Colombia, and I have the dream of reaching other countries as a university teacher. I am promoting the program ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION. This program covers Alarm Management, Fault Detection and Diagnosis, and Fault Tolerant Control. The Marsh Risk Consulting report (2001) identified 379 abnormal events in the hydrocarbon industry, with losses exceeding $ 10 trillion in the period 1970-1999. The average annual loss was approximately $ 700 million, With 25 of these events overcoming individual losses of US $ 150 million or more.

* Early detection of faults and their diagnosis
* Increased Operational Reliability.
* Safer operation.

* Lower economic losses in process units.
* Increased productivity and competitiveness.

* Decrease of outages.
* Reduced risk to people, environment and equipment.
* Contribute to maintaining production goals and quality of products.
* Decrease in maintenance costs.
* Maintain efficiency of operation.
* Increased safe operation of equipment and protecting human lives.
* Detect and diagnose faults before they escalate to major problems.

I already have highly qualified personnel with experience in these subjects, and I am training more engineers who will support me in this great task to serve the industry through the universities initially in Colombia (my dream is to reach several countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East), with several of which I am building diplomas in this area.

-Marsh Risk Consulting. (2001). Large Property Damage Losses in the Hydrocarbon Industries, A Third Year Review.
For those interested in learning more about my Entrepreneurship, AuroraTech brings Advanced Technologies to Industry, SMBs and Entrepreneurs. Solutions that initially include: ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION, ... And in the future will include IoT (Internet of Things), and other technologies to help Industry, SMBs and Entrepreneurs to increase their competitiveness with technology, increasing their efficiency and reducing The risk in its operations:

And scientific research continues in universities. I am planning several diplomas in ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION and DATA ANALYTICS with several Universities, initially in Colombia, but my dream is to reach several countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

I launched my first CrowdFunding campaign in late November. There were no positive results. Learn the story behind "Support the launch of AuroraTech" and help us reach our goal. @indiegogo

I celebrated Thanksgiving in solitude, because my son was sharing with his mom. I thanked God for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel of trials that I have gone through the past few months. He has shown me how to pay the debts that have flooded me to the point of owing several months of rent. I officiated my decision to resign with my bosses. This decision had already been discussed with them since mid-September, but they had not taken action to lessen the hard blow represented by my resignation for my team, perhaps hoping that I thought better. It all begins with a thought. That's why you always have to think POSITIVE.

As December 31 2016 approached, the date of my release as an official due to my resignation, my anxiety grew. This is a small sign that human confidence is placed in money and circumstances, not in God. I have a clear plan and outlined with AuroraTech and the Universities, my Lord Jesus backs me every step I take. And yet I have fears. What will the rest of the world be like? I realized the reason for the irrational fear of lack of money: As an employee I was accustomed to my supplier being the company in which I worked for 18 years. That company is no longer there to supply a salary. Now it must be my job and satisfy the needs of my clients, which must supply said income. Our supplier is God, and He places as intermediaries the clients and the companies for which we carry out our work. What happens is that in many cases we make gods to the companies, to the bosses, thinking that they are the suppliers, when in fact they are only intermediaries. Thank God for destroying that belief in my life, and that of so many people who learn that they are not men, but God, who gives the spiritual, physical and material provision.
The best way to get financial resources to fulfill your dreams is to get customers who pay for your products or services. The best way is not to borrow money. That does not mean we should see everyone as customers. We must develop healthy relationships with others, friendships. People need to interact with other people. Create community.

Understanding this is part of the change of mindset from employee to Entrepreneur. I started to change my mentality from employee to entrepreneur. I could not live complaining about the opportunities that were not given to me during my retreat. I had to see the great opportunities I had in front of me and the open doors I had in the Universities.

Another fundamental point to have confidence, safety in life is to understand that thanks to Jesus we have access to our heavenly Father. Have you been rejected? In Jesus disappear the fears. There is no place for insecurity.

I took my first steps as an Entrepreneur. I have fears, but above all I have faith in God and His promises. I have discovered that it is by helping others, that we really help ourselves.

I returned to live together with my ex-wife, given that my precarious economic situation had to make use of our own house, not to generate additional expenses. Will it be God's will that we rebuild our Home? I do not know. I did not have it planned. However for God there are no impossible. And He is transforming my heart to fall in love with her again. I have been living with my ex-wife for a month. My son is happy. My wife has her peace altered.

I sent a proposal of Digital Entrepreneurship to my companions of the company where I worked 18 years, along with a message where I let them see that they had to become Entrepreneurs if they did not want to receive as liquidation a ridiculous amount of money after many years of work. NONE did the FREE trials that are available to start the Path of Entrepreneurship. We do not pay attention to the danger signs that lie along the path of life. Being an employee is already an outdated model of job development, given the conditions of the twenty-first century, the need for time to share with our loved ones, the need for passive income that help us to have a more comfortable life and fulfill our dreams without need To borrow money.

My son could not enter to study at his school the first two weeks of study, and studied with books borrowed for several months the following year, since I did not have the money to enroll him. That was a blow to his morale, that of my ex-wife and mine, since if I had continued to be employed, the company in which I worked would have given me the money necessary for my son to study. However I remain convinced that the step I took to give up my work and become 100% Entrepreneur, has been the wisest decision. The experiment of the marshmallow ( comes to my mind, and as it is sometimes necessary to make a sacrifice temporarily To then receive a greater benefit. I learned to listen to my ex-wife's complaints without taking them as a personal attack. She needs to vent and I must listen.

For God it would be very easy to fix all my problems in a second. It would be the most comfortable for me. But I would not learn the lessons I must learn, not to repeat my mistakes. Again, good and bad work for good (Romans 8:28).

I began implementing the strategy to serve the industry, filling their needs with my students' practices at no cost, while allowing them to open up a space in the workplace and gain experience. This has several objectives:

-To develop in a practical way the concepts seen in class.
-To satisfy the needs of the Industry in the subjects covered in class.
-Generate clear work options for the student.
-Develop in the student the entrepreneurial spirit.

I began to see the realization of the dream when I started university classes, ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION, and began calling me colleagues because they were interested in replicating this model of teaching in their universities. I was asked by several industry friends to participate in this training program to apply these technologies in their companies.

I must keep the North clear, however torrential the storm. My compass should always guide me, and I must not lose my way.

With regard to my ex-wife I must say that I do not know what will happen. The present situation is the result of mutual mistakes that we made. But I did a lot of damage by not paying proper attention to her when we were husband and wife. I do not know if her wounds can heal. What I feel is that at this moment I must put a brake on the wild race in which I am several years ago, for sharing the word of God with all.
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