Avoid catastrophes like the one happened in Bhopal (India)
There was a leak of Methyl Isocyanate that killed more than 10,000 people in just the first week
Process Safety
You must know the story so as not to repeat it ...
Review the analysis of why and how large incidents of Process Safety occurred.

Increase Process Safety in your Industrial Process. Avoid Catastrophic Accidents. Early detection of the Faults of your Process and your Equipment. Contact us to build with your University help this program in your Industry (watch the video with subtitles in English)
This program trains engineers in Automation, Electronics, Chemicals, Mechanics and related areas in Alarms Management, Fault Detection and Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control, to later serve in the Industry as Technological Entrepreneurs by proposing and executing projects Of implementation of these technologies and others related.
Alarm Management:
International Standards (ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191)
Diagnostics of Alarm Systems in your Industrial Process.
Rationalization and Documentation Alarm Management Workshops.
Alarm Management Audits.
Early Fault Detection and Diagnosis:
Integration of FDD Techniques.
Fault Tolerant Control:
We Modify the Control Strategies to work properly during Fault Scenarios.
(watch the video with subtitles in English)
The Marsh Risk Consulting report (2001) identified 379 abnormal events in the hydrocarbon industry, with losses exceeding $ 10 trillion in the period 1970-1999.
The average annual loss was approximately US $ 700 million, with 25 of these events exceeding individual losses of US $ 150 million or more.

Marsh Risk Consulting. (2001). Large Property Damage Losses in the Hydrocarbon Industries, A Thirty Years Review.
* Early detection of faults and their diagnosis
* Increased Operational Reliability.
* Safer operation.

* Lower economic losses in process units.
* Increased productivity and competitiveness.

* Decrease of non-scheduled stop days.
* Reduced risk to people, environment and equipment.
* Contribute to maintaining production goals and quality of products.
* Decrease in maintenance costs.
* Maintain efficiency of operation.
* Increased safe operation of equipment and protecting human lives.
* Detect and diagnose faults before they escalate to major problems.
Stanley, G.M.; Vaidhyanathan, R. A Generic Fault Propagation Modeling Approach To On-Line Diagnosis and Event Correlation.  Submitted to 3rd IFAC Workshop on On-Line Fault Detection and Supervision in the Chemical Process Industries, Solaize, France. June 4-5, 1998.
In industrial environments it is common for industrial plant operators to do their jobs by silencing process alarms because they have become noise instead of helping to detect and diagnose abnormal situations. This is because it is very easy to configure alarms in modern electronic control systems, and operators are inundated with "alarms" that do not help them to perform their tasks, but that they hinder them. This is why international standards (ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191) seek to standardize the alarm systems of industrial processes, defining first what is an alarm and then defining criteria to rationalize the alarms that these systems deploy.
Agudelo, Carlos; Morant, Francisco; Quiles, Eduardo; Garcia, Emilio. Integration of techniques for early fault detection and diagnosis for improving process safety: Application to a Fluid Catalytic Cracking refinery Process. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries (2013).
The techniques for fault detection and diagnosis, measured with criteria that define early detection and diagnosis, discrimination between different faults, robustness to noise and uncertainty, identification of new faults, identification of multiple faults, ease of explanation of Faults and adaptability, suffer from one or more of these criteria, which necessitates a new approach to solve these shortcomings. ... an alternative is proposed that is the use of an Extended Fault Dictionary, that through a rule inference engine performs the integration of several techniques for the Early Fault Detection and Diagnosis.
Bakolas, Efstathios; & Saleh, Joseph. (2011). Augmenting defense-in-depth with the concepts of observability and diagnosability from Control Theory and Discrete Event Systems. Reliability Engineering and System Safety 96, 184–193
It is necessary to increase observability to avoid Process Safety events.
Automatic Process Control Services
We help you Implementing the Best Automatic Process Control Engineering Practices
Control Loop Tuning
Checking the Components of the Control Loop.
Open Loop Tests to determine Process Model.
Controller Tuning Parameters Calculation.
Design and Checking of Advanced Regulatory Control Strategies
Design and Checking of Control Philosophy.
Design and Checking of Control Strategy Configuration.
Controllers Retuning.
Closed Loop Tests.
Diagnostics of Alarm Systems in your Industrial Process
Rationalization and Documentation Alarm Management Workshops.
Alarm Management Audits.
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