Entrepreneurship, a Good Lifetime Choice
We Help You Conquer Your Dreams:
We promote Technological Entrepreneurship through our program ABNORMAL SITUATIONS AUTOMATION. We are building a second Technological Entrepreneurship with Business Analytics.

We also promote Digital Entrepreneurship.
We are building platforms based on BlockChain Boosting Economy and ASA Consortium. These platforms will help you develop as an Entrepreneur!
Our vision is to expand this program to all Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

Which Entrepreneurship kind you prefer? Can we help you find out which one best suite your needs and expectations? We also have coaching services for Entrepreneurs. First coaching session is FREE. What date and time best suites your schedule?

Change the game! Become an Entrepreneur!
Become Partner!
Fulfill your Entrepreneurship Dreams and Earn money at the Same Time!
Become an Evangelizer of Entrepreneurship! Help other people to conquer their dreams of Entrepreneurship!
Our Digital Entrepreneurship Proposal, become a Digital Marketing Agency, allows you to generate Passive Income, which does not depend on your time!
Entrepreneurship Coaching
We guide you in how to achieve your dreams of Entrepreneurship, how to conquer your goals as Entrepreneur
You have to have passion for what you want to do as an Entrepreneur.
You must face your fears and leave your comfort zone, your known area.
Practice, practice and practice. Become expert in your area. That will DEFINITELY help you on your way to success.
Video Marketing for SMB and Entrepreneurs
Video is the most requested content on internet.
Video Marketing is the right tool to build your ads for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any Social Media Network using Video. Try FREE: Vídeo Marketing FREE Trial For 30 days.
Become an Entrepreneur with Video Marketing and earn money through Video Marketing and Network Marketing.
Recorded Webinars for Entrepreneurs
Success Case: I´m building my business on internet using EasyFunnelPro
Message from our Director
The Numbers Rule
Welcome to AuroraTech´s Entrepreneurs Team
How to Create Sales Funnels
How to create Sales Webpages
You can create Complex and Complete Websites in just Minutes and No Previous Experience
Give Back
Social Entrepreneurship and Messages of Reflection about the Search for God
MOOC on Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship Options
Messages of Reflection about the search for God
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